Susan Sutton Trio

1. Nuevo Canción
2. Haunting
3. Gypsy Samba
4. Sandel
5. Song for Ell 
6. California Carnivál
7. U.B.Free
8. Señor Fuentes
9. Summer Walk
10. Love Bird
11. Element 44 
12. Mamba Baby
13. Cablegram
14. Ab News 

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All music by Susan Sutton. "Sandel" written by Susan Sutton and Lloyd Wick. ®© 1997 Sutton Sound.

"Element 44" available on CD

Produced by Susan Sutton
Associate Producer: Lloyd Wick
Engineered by Joe Hoffmann
Recorded at Hoffmann Studios, Occidental, California
Cover Art by Michael Castle
Art and Graphics by Susan Sutton, Lloyd Wick, David A. Karp

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