Susan Sutton Trio  - "BEYOND"

  1. Beyond                          Susan Sutton
  2. Charade                         Henry Mancini
  3. Nuevo Cancion              Susan Sutton
  4. Autumn in New York         Vernon Duke
  5. November with Mother Hubbard            Susan Sutton
  6. If Only I Knew                 Armando Estrada
  7. Victoria G.                     Naim Satya
  8. Mamba Baby                    Susan Sutton
  9. Honeybee                          Susan Sutton
  10. Positively Orange            Earl Zindars
  11. Close Your Eyes            Bernice Petkere 

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    Produced by Susan Sutton for Sutton Sound
    recorded at JP Studio  Fairfax, CA.
    engineered by David Hass & Brian Moran
    mixed and mastered by
    Mahanaim Satya at JP Studio
    Cover Painting by Selma Maas
    graphic design by Susan Sutton & Naim Satya
    layout by Naim Satya
    c p 2001  Sutton Sound  all rights reserved
    p.o. box  802  Santa Rosa, CA. 95402

    Please feel free to email any comments or questions.

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Copyright © 1987 - 2001  Sutton Sound  . All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited.